Thrustmaster Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Spider Edition for Xbox One

$140.00 $60.00



Drive home a realistic racing experience with the Thrustmaster Racing Wheel. This Ferrari 458 Spider Edition lets passionate drivers feel all the excitement the road and racing games alike supply. Easy usability and high-performance onboard technologies make this wheel the one to hold onto.

More Information

  • GT sports-type wheel with a textured rubber grip
  • 7/10 scale replica (11″/28cm diameter) of the wheel on the real Ferrari 458 Spider car
  • 240 degrees of rotation lets you take the most efficient line on the track
  • Thrustmaster bungee cord mechanism and patented wheel re-centering system deliver realistic linear resistance, no matter how far the wheel is turned
  • Customize your wheel to adapt to your needs, including steering sensitivity and four presets that optimize the wheel’s performance according to the type of track, the car being driven or preferred driving styles
  • Pedal set with large foot rest features pedals with adjustable angles of inclination and a brake pedal with progressive resistance
  • Two wheel-mounted Up and Down sequential metal paddle shifters
  • Other features include a two position manettino dial, ENGINE START D-pad, Xbox Guide button and nine action buttons including View and Menu
  • Includes a controller pairing LED for Kinect and a central clamping system which easily adapts to any type of support surface
  • Designed for use with Xbox One racing games