JBL Loft 30 100-Watt Bookshelf Speakers – Black – Pair




The JBL Loft 30 bookshelf speakers are designed to blend into your room and deliver expansive sound from a small cabinet. You can even use them as surrounds for your existing JBL system, front and rear effects in a satellite system, or to bring incredible sound to a second room.

More Information

  • These slim yet powerful speakers are technological marvels that develop full, rich sound from their ultra lean cabinets
  • A true jack of all trades, the Loft 30 can be used as surrounds for any JBL system, front and rear effects in your satellite system, or simply to bring sound to a second room
  • The tweeter features a 1″ soft dome with high sensitivity and fast transient response for accurate high-frequency reproduction
  • The tweeter integrates with an Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal waveguide, giving it smooth integration with the midrange and a wide, consistent listening window to create an incredibly wide stereo image across a huge listening area
  • Polybass drivers feature paper cones and are reinforced with a proprietary copolymer that provides additional stiffness and damping to the cone surface, so you get tighter bass and extended low frequencies without breakup and distortion
  • A freeflow port architecture extends low frequency response by coupling internal air motion to a computer-designed aperture with a flared shape, allowing maximum air flow without audible port noise
  • The Straight Line Single Path is a crossover design that provides the shortest route from the input terminals to the transducers, thus minimizing signal loss and noise; it also helps to ensure that a strong, precise, and unaltered signal arrives at each driver