Germ Guardian AC4825CA 3-in-1 Air Purifier



Remove allergens, germs, bacteria and odours in any sized room with Germ Guardian’s 22″ Digital 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System. The three layer system combines a HEPA filter, charcoal and PCO filter, and UV-C light to reduce exposure to indoor asthma triggers and allergens. Whisper-quiet operation means you notice the cleaner air and not the noise.


More Information

  • HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne mold spores, dust, pet dander and plant pollens
  • UV-C technology kills bacteria and viruses and is the same technology used in hospitals
  • Activated charcoal filter removes airborne odours and smoke particles
  • Coverage area of 155 sq. ft. per hour is perfect for small and large rooms
  • Quiet operation and digital controls